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Will Robin emerge as a dominant Falcon, or an obedient Dove?Ben has made his riches by applying science to the brainwashing of violent criminals.And Venus Satore herself is having a crisis of conscience, coming to terms with her past misdeeds while wondering where her future lies...A new villain has come to River City, seeking to bring down not only the fair heroine, but the entire city.Katie, having given up the life of a costumed heroine, has embraced her new life and focused on her new relationship with the woman she loves.

A reunion with her older cousin Sylvia La Silvas cheers the young heroine up, especially when Sylvia decides to play matchmaker and get Katie and Jess back together.Hmm, perhaps it would have been better NOT to have been so nice to Frank, however...Two female professors tinkering with holograms accidentally upgrade their experimentation to one of mind control, than without knowing it they hand the device to a rather devious stripper who uses it for her own pleasures.Lisa was mere months from completing her training and becoming a full agent when an unexpected betrayal left her on her own.Can she save her friends and home, or will she fall prey to the same forces that captured them?

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Recovered from his previous trials, Jimmy seeks to continue moving forward with his life.