Software for reading writing and updating pdf files

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Software for reading writing and updating pdf files

You can see the object in the center of the frame, highlighted in this photo, also has a small ‘tag’ that also probably reveals what any museum-goer is looking at.

It is the opinion of The Black Vault that evidence of alien life, should it actually exist, should be released to the world, for free, without hesitation.

Of course highly controversial, these slides were believed to have been the “Smoking Gun” – with irrefutable proof aliens exist and have visited Earth.

After months of waiting, researchers attached to this story (which include Donald Schmitt, Tom Carey, Richard Dolan, and Jaime Maussan) decided that May 5, 2015, or Cinco de Mayo, was the right day to reveal to the world what was on these slides.

Although it is completely illegible at the resolution currently released, a higher detailed scan could reveal the writing.

Is this why a higher detailed image was not released?

Clicking on the two photos above, you can see the distinction between what are obviously reflections, and the “card”.Another detail overshadowed by the “alien” focal point of the slide, is the other person, on the other side of the glass.They appear to be standing there, just like another observer at a museum, looking at the other items in the case.If they were to release the higher resolution photo, my guess is you would see additional details, and possibly even the words, on the piece of paper resting near the “alien.” This would, in my opinion, be the details of what was in the museum case.By adjusting the slide’s contrast and brightness, you can see there are, what appears to be, writing of some sort on the card.

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When I woke up the morning of May 6, 2015, I expected to at least see 10, maybe 20, maybe even 50 headlines about this. At 8am in the morning, well after the first news cycle… And those articles ripped apart this story, and profiled it as the joke it was.